10 de janeiro de 2015

Testando 02

That's my sister and my mom:)
Well, there were several things that I loved, my mom was really happy, also my sister. Mom bought a molcajete for the kitchen, it is a kind of plate made of stone in which you can make different sauces. It was really heavy, though. We had to take turns in order to take it to the car. We had a great day, the climate was great, the market was not so full of people, and after some hours we arrived home and played with Remi for a little while. I really hope you liked the pictures, it would be awesome if you could come and visit the market someday!

Oh, I almost forget to tell you, I'm in process of changing some things in my room, I'll post about it later. Also, I found a gorgeous book I would like to share with you, I guess that's it for now, lots of love, Monica.

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