11 de janeiro de 2015


Hi there! Well, between some of the things I did while I was not posting, this mural is an important one. I have always loved to paint over walls, I believe that mostly all of us as children painted something at least on one wall, many parents tell their children not to do that, but, hopefully for me, they say there's no problem with it at all.
I like to write and draw on walls, because, somehow thoughts and ideas that you draw on them, stay there for a long time, and they're always at sight. Many of the drawings are just doodles, but most of them have a meaning, my life is a bit messy, as you can see. (lots of ideas all over the place.)
I haven't finished it jet, I hope to fill the wall on the upcoming vacations! (Of course I'll share with you the pictures once it is finished:)

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